8 Things To Do For Blogging Success

Right now, I’m going to make it simple for you to take the necessary actions required to positively enhance your blog and set it up for explosive success. All I want from you is to set aside a few minutes and implement the 11 easy tasks I’m about to share with you here.

  • Pick a topic that attracts traffic

Needless to say, if your topic is dull, you are not going to attract much traffic any time soon. Start with Google Trends, BuzzSumo and Feedly to research what’s in demand.

  • Analyze your headlines before hitting “publish”

Once you are done writing the post, copy and paste your draft headline into the free tool. It’s super-quick and effective.

Once you punch in a headline, the tool assigns it a “Headline Score”. It also gives your headline a grade based on the overall structure, grammar and readability. The report dissects your headline into “common words”, “uncommon words”, “emotional words” and “power words”. It tells you your headline “type” (this post is a “list type”) and does a length analysis. Lastly, you get some cool tips to improve your headline, all for free and in under a few minutes.

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  • Update Some of Your Older Posts

This is something most bloggers are ignorant of. Some of the blog posts on your blog might be outdated, and therefore, serve no purpose.

These posts might have been epic and educational when they were first published, but as time goes by, they became irrelevant.

For example, if you’re someone that writes about SEO, I bet that any SEO guide on your blog that is more than two years old is already useless or about to get outdated, and is no longer driving any traffic to your blog. This is because SEO is a frequently evolving aspect of internet marketing.

Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you revisit some of those old posts and freshen them up. The moment you’ve given them a breath of fresh air, they’ll start ranking well in the SERPs again, thereby bringing in new and excited visitors to your site.

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  • Make social sharing easy

A recent study found that using social sharing buttons on posts leads to 7 times more mentions. Start with writing magnetic headlines that are short and brief (for platforms such as Twitter so there’s room for shortened URLs). Include hashtags and usernames when appropriate.

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  • Come up with the optimum number of posts, then stick to it

What’s the optimum number? Research shows that the more a company blogged per month, the more traffic it attracted.

On the flip side, how much is too much? One of the easiest ways to figure it out is to watch your subscriber activity closely. Are you getting many unsubscribe requests because of “too much posting” like this blogger? His quick case study will help you to find your minimum viable posting.

  • Connect with bloggers who send you traffic

Monitor Back links is a neat tool for SEO and web marketers. It notifies you every time you gain or lose a back link; every time your competitor gains a high-value back link and compares ranking with your competitors.

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  • Answer Questions on Quora

Once you land on the Quora homepage, you will find answers to any questions you can think of. You just have to locate the questions that are relevant to your niche and start providing useful and insightful answers to them.

Trust me, if you do this properly, Quora might end up becoming your number one source of traffic.

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  • Add Social Proof To Your Blog

Social proof is a formidable influencer. When people discover that others are doing a particular thing, they’re very likely to do that same thing themselves. If they notice that a lot of their peers are subscribed to your email list, they’re more likely to subscribe too – this is pure social science.

However, this can only work when you have impressive numbers. Don’t expect people to start flooding to your email list after seeing you only have 51 subscribers.

But when you land on a community website like ours (ShoutMeLoud) and see on the homepage that over 900,000 people are subscribed to the blog, you definitely want to join too because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

This means more traffic and leads coming into your blog.

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I want to challenge you to try these techniques. Of course, not all of them will work for you so pick and choose a handful and run with it.

Gaining new traffic sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth every minute. And with the above tips, you can boost traffic in 30 minutes or less. You may not feel it happen immediately, but stay consistent. You’ll see the results.

Eventually, the more you do these techniques, the more trust you will build. Writing epic posts is no longer enough – you want the right audience to read them too.Let me know how it goes in the comments section below!

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